Memory Card / USB Drive Benchmarks

These are the approved memory card and USB drive benchmarks.

Memory Card ModelMedia TypeSizePC ConnectionScore
Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I MicroSD128 GB56
Intenso 64GB MicroSD61 GB44
SanDisk SDXC UHS-U3 Extreme SD/SecureDigital64 GB42
Samsung PRO SDXC UHS-U1 SD/SecureDigital64 GB41
Samsung EVO+ UHS-I MicroSD64 GB38
Samsung PRO UHS-U1 MicroSD32 GB38
Lexar SD-XC II 100x SD/SecureDigital64 GB37
Lexar CF 128 GB 128GB CF/CompactFlash64 GB37
ADATA Premiere UHS-U1 MicroSD32 GB36
Transcend Premium 400x UHS-U1 MicroSD64 GB36
SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-U1 SD/SecureDigital32 GB28
G. Skill MicroSD32 GB27
Samsung Pro UHS 1 MicroSD32 GB18

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